Some Enchanted Evening

During an interview for the release of the prequel to, “The Faith Series”, I was referred to by the host as a, “Wizard of words.” After an uncomfortable and slightly noticeable pause, I successfully volleyed the conversation over the net into a different field of play, and finished the interview as intended; no “magic”, no “wizardry”.

However, things changed when I started “WROUGHT twelve25”. Fumbling my way into the field of fashion with nothing more than an idea and a staggering lack of simplicity, I quickly realized that a little magic was going to be in order, after all. See…I can be difficult. Not intentionally or with malice but often, by my own inability to escape the grasp of my own propensity to simplify everything in this chosen universe. I mean I can grasp quantum and theoretical physics with the ease of making condensed soup from a can so, how hard could creating a logo be?


It seems that when designing a logo for the purposes of embroidery, the old adage of my military origins proved most applicable: KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). While thorough in it’s design and etymology, my final draft made about as much sense in application, as the shenanigans of one of my most beloved Saturday morning breakfast buddies from childhood. And… it was just about as upside down.

It is a wise man that knows his limitations. It appeared that I would need a little magic of my own.

Enter Margaret McPherson: Owner of Enchanted Threads┬áin Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Utilizing embroidery needles in lieu of magic wands, I’ve witnessed works of magic that would leave Harry Potter cringing in shame. Professionally and politely explaining the process to me, Margaret took the time to rework my muddled mass of monstrosity into a cleverly crafted crest that left me in awe. Wizardry indeed.

And, it didn’t stop there. The entire staff is skilled and knowledgeable; always displaying patience and genuine interest whenever I propose something new; helping me to pick pick colors that compliment one another or suggesting options that enhance my original, difficult visions. Customer service like that is rare (almost extinct), and the value of such is not lost on this man. In addition to respecting them, I value them…I truly appreciate them.

So, if you ever find yourself needing a little wizardry of your own, do yourself a favor and give Margaret a call. As Chance’ism #9 says, “If you’re persistent, you’ll get it. If you’re consistent, you’ll keep it.” I promise you, when it comes to Margaret…her smile will get you; her work will keep you.

Check out all that she offers and create a little enchantment of your own.



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