Music City Honda Hits a Sour Note

Nashville, Tennessee. Music City; the Maestro conducting the rhythmic heartbeat to a swinging metropolis. After more than one half decade, I’m still enthralled with the score of Music City but, every now and then, someone in the orchestra strikes a sour note and in one second, erases decades of flawless performances.
While driving through downtown Nashville on the evening of Friday, November 16th, my car decided to grace me with a front row seat to the mechanical interpretation of, “Flight of the Bumblebee” ringing out from beneath its chassis. Hardly in the mood for the Tale of Tsar Saltan, let alone the D4-A6 range in 2/4 time signature drumming at 184 bpm ‘neath my floorboard, I decided to sit this one out.
I took my car to Music City Honda in Madison, Tennessee. After 30 years of loyal service under Trickett Oldsmobile/Honda’s excellent repair and customer service, I felt certain that she would be in good hands. But, like Shostakovich’s, “Cello Concerto No. 2, Opus 126”, something foul was afoot.
I was told that the right front axle had split and the steering boots had to be replaced. “Fair enough,” I thought, “A couple of hours work,” and authorized repairs. That was weeks ago. As of today, 27 November, after repeated phone calls (directed to the lonely annals of silence) with absolutely no return calls and emails, I sit silently in the Mechanical Mezzanine with none of the Music City players taking the stage. I’d have been better off circumventing Morgan Brown; Service Advisor (who later advised me that her email is incorrect on her company business card), and sending my inquiries to Beethoven, himself.

After ten days of absolutely no response, I put a halt to my writing (no worries, the novel is still on schedule), go out in twenty’ish degree weather, and drive to Music City Honda for the privilege of asking a question. Wait…that level of logic sounds familiar.

After requesting to speak with the General Manager (who happened to be “in a meeting” for “five or ten minutes”), I was cordially shuffled off to two other individuals, three if you count Morgan who was once again, going to “return my call right after lunch”, only to find that it was “probably going to be diagnosed that day”. One manager even had the nerve to mention the Waltrips to me.
They say, “Once burned, twice shy,” and Music City Honda is a singe I dare not savor again.
I miss Trickett, I miss true customer service, and I miss what a great portion of humanity lacks nowadays…common courtesy.
As for my latest repair debacle, they’ve already begun, I guess I have no choice but to “ride it out”. But, if I may suggest, especially since the door was opened, if you are in need of ANY service to your Honda or, if you’re simply in the market for one, do yourself a favor and take in the performance at Waltrip I can (and do) state from personal experience that they are the salt of the earth; genuine, caring, and courteous. I have no doubt that their character is equally as present in their business practices. Make the drive. Go see them first. I promise, you’ll be front row and their performance will be music to your ears.

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