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The Sweetest Poison

“The Sweetest Poison” (Ode to Vengeance) Vengeance, sweet vengeance, my delectable swill. Sugary is your presence upon my lips, and crave do I, your taste. And though it is I that eats, it is but upon myself that I dine. Solely, it is my ego that you sate, for just as I ingest, am I…Continue Reading

J.T. Cooper: From Mogadishu to Music

“Black Hawk Down!” To this day, very few phrases have the ability to elicit such unbridled anger and sadness from this old, salty, Navy vet. From the initial utterance of “Irene” to the sphincter-tightening conclusion, I am still unable to watch the entire movie without falling apart like the proverbial cheap suit. Nevertheless, I have…Continue Reading