Bones of a Feather Rock Together

It’s four a.m. on a stormy morning and I’m driving home from a long but productive night out in downtown Nashville. A red light serves as a much needed respite for my tired eyes and the silence of the night provides the perfect springboard for my idle mind to dive into random visions of withered feathers and poignant scarecrows.

No, this is not a scene from my next novel but instead, a gripping musical ode to one of society’s greatest antagonists; compassionately brought to life by Micheal Shaun Brown, Bruce Kimmel, Cody Wagget, and Jake Barr, A.K.A. Bone Feather; one of the most captivating and illegally talented group of individuals to assemble onstage. With a voice as rugged as 220 grit sandpaper and every bit as polished, Brown sells a song as easily as shaved ice in the Sahara. And, with harmonies that merge better than Olio, the rest of the band mixes the musical fervor, whipping the crowd into frenzy for a musical dessert du’ jour. And, much to my surprise, these young men left me taken aback with a healthy slice of humble pie as Michael graciously declined my $20 tip, (customary for a specific request) by stating, “No…that’s not how we’re doing this,” when I asked them to perform my new favorite song (which shall remain nameless until its release).

Having been a recording artist, I admit, I have become jaded. In an industry saturated with cotton-candy productions and “talent” drenched in the high-fructose corn syrup of an overused press, it’s a rare and special treat to happen upon a collection of professionals who deliver musical sustenance worth biting into. Hungry? Saddle up to the table and sample their wares. Their latest EP, appropriately named, “Moon’s On Fire” is burning its way through Spotify. If you’d prefer a pre-meal appetizer, no problem…visit them on Facebook and check out the menu. No reservation required.

Bon appe’tit.

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