Noah’s back: “Blood Moon: Days of Noah”

Noah Carrington is back…and there’s a whole new breed of C-1. Strange mishaps began as soon as I started to pen the beginning pages of, “Blood Moon: Days of Noah”; the sequel to, “Run” and the second installment of The Run Trilogy. At the very beginning, I discovered that I had torn the main artery to my heart, as described in the blog, “I prove Psalm 41:2” and should have been dead within minutes, let alone surviving for over two years after having done so. That was just the tip of the iceberg. After 1 open heart surgery, 2 bypasses, 3 deaths of immediate family members, and 4 months (at least) of overall loss of motivation, I was pushed to release with the recent passing of my grandfather. With that, I present to you the trailer for my latest release, “Blood Moon: Days of Noah”.
I am most appreciative of your patience and continued support and truly hope that it delivers.
Blood Moon: Days of Noah Kindle version:Blood Moon: Days of Noah Kindle Version
Paperback: Blood Moon: Days of Noah Paperback
My gratitude to you all.


The Sweetest Poison

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